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The Pura Vida Workout Playlist 2016

So your NYE hangover has finally abated, and you’re facing the reality of actually having to implement your new year goals, and somehow keep your motivation pepped past day three. One of our biggest allies in the motivation battle is music. A banging playlist has the power to change your mood, incite a battle cry, and help you push through your workout with all the kick-ass-ery required of a respectable January resolution (research backs this up too, by the way). The music that gets us powered up, gives us goose bumps and gets us focused is very personal, like most music tastes. But it feels...
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Amsterdam and a Marathon

Music, a marathon, and mammary glands... In October last year I ran my first full marathon - 42kms of Amsterdam and canals. And I loved it. From about 26km I wasn't loving it quite as much or giving it quite as much large as you would probably predict. At about 38kms I had just about lost the will to live, when a kind spectator, seeing the look of me, called out: 'Keep going Bianca, you can do it!' (He wasn't telepathic, our names were printed on our race bibs). At which point I almost cried *sob*. People can be so kind. That kept me jog-shuffling to the finish line. Now this blog post is not...