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Festive Fever: Six Funny Things That Happen When Christmas Arrives

Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh … Christmas has officially arrived! Lights twinkle across town, Xmas trees stand in windows dressed up like the Housewives of New Jersey, all glitter and gold, and Michael Buble can be heard far and wide… Here is a funny post about six things that happen when Christmas arrives… To cheer you up of course! Number 1: Santa’s Little Helpers It always happens. Someone on Facebook, a colleague in your office, and the adverts and music on the radio, somehow start the Christmas excitement as soon as Halloween is over. For me, November is way too...
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5 Things...That Happen When Spring Arrives

If you are UK-based the fine weather we have been having recently has probably not missed your attention. After a long winter, the few days where the warm sunshine has hit our alabaster-white, close to blue-looking skin, has probably had you glowing with joy - summer is coming! Or at least spring is right? Blue skies and anything over 17 degrees, and you can see people almost skip down the street, one step away from breaking out in a Mary Poppins song. Hell, I even feel like doing that as I pass the blooming pink and white blossom trees en route to park/river/beer garden with the rest of the...