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The Holiday Workout

It is possible to keep up your training and exercise on a holiday, and not totally slip into decadence and debauchery (well, a little at least!). Recently, I went away for some sunshine, relaxation and fun with friends. In amongst my way-too-many bikinis (I have a bikini obsession even though I live in London - they turn out to be particularly impractical for the lifestyle here), I packed a skipping rope and a Theraband (both way less than a g-string). Thus I was able to do some mini circuit/strength training sessions. For me a holiday is first and foremost about breaking from the same old...
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5 Things...That Happen When Spring Arrives

If you are UK-based the fine weather we have been having recently has probably not missed your attention. After a long winter, the few days where the warm sunshine has hit our alabaster-white, close to blue-looking skin, has probably had you glowing with joy - summer is coming! Or at least spring is right? Blue skies and anything over 17 degrees, and you can see people almost skip down the street, one step away from breaking out in a Mary Poppins song. Hell, I even feel like doing that as I pass the blooming pink and white blossom trees en route to park/river/beer garden with the rest of the...